We try to have one social event a month, either a fun run to some local attraction or on rural roads where we can operate our cars in an “enthusiastic” manner.  We also put on one Corvette centric event a year we call the Blast.  We invite Corvette owners from all over the area to join us for two days of fun.  This includes an evening of socialization, food, drinks and games, a car show, a poker rally, funkhanna,  a gimmick rally, raffles and an awards banquet.

2020 Events

Due to the pandemic, we didn’t have any more social events until July.  Members met up in Pismo and drove the back roads through Morrow Bay and into Atascadero where we had a picnic lunch and great conversation while enjoying the shade and breezes in Lake Park.  After lunch we visited the Faces of Freedom Veterans Memorial and then drove around Atascadero Lake before heading home.

The first event of the year was a Ride and Dine run up to Morrow Bay.  Lunch was at Dorn’s Breakers Cafe where the food was great and the conversation constant.  Ideas were presented as to potential locations and events for monthly meetings and social runs.  Afterwards the group dove out to Montana de Oro State Park where everyone enjoyed the views of the hills and ocean.

2019 Events

The last event of the year was the annual Christmas Party.  This year it was at Brian & Roberta’s place.  As everyone arrived, the men migrated out to see Brian’s splendid garage while the ladies complemented Roberta on the updates to her house.  Social hour was used to catch up on everyone’s Thanksgiving travels and chat about other topics of interest.  The fine dinner was again catered by Tesla Caterers.  After a great dessert, the gift stealing began.  Everyone had a great time deciding on if they wanted to steal someone’s gift or open a new package!  The event was over way too soon.

This year members of Vapor Trail Vettes, the Central Coast Corvettes and SLO Vettes displayed their cars at the annual Veteran’s Day event at the Santa Maria VA Clinic.  Over 200 veterans and their families attended and they enjoyed looking at our cars and talking about Vettes and other cars in their past.

The 15th Annual Blast was held on 25 – 26 October.  This year we were at the Shore Cliff hotel, a new location, in Pismo Beach.  All the rooms had great ocean views and we had more space for the welcoming buffet and games.  As usual, there were a lot of raffle prizes and the 50/50 game was very popular.  Probably the most popular game was the car race.  As in prior years, everyone crowded around to participate or just watch.  It was so popular, a tour group from Sweden joined in!  The Saturday car show is always a hit with attendees cleaning up their cars in preparation for the event.  The Cornhole and Rolling Thunder games were also a hit.  After lunch, the cars were sent out on a combination poker rallye and gimmick rallye which took the cars through both San Luis Obispo as well as the 5 Cities area.  The banquet at A J Spurs, a local restaurant, was a great time.  The food and service was excellent and everyone enjoyed talking about the day’s events.  The following awards were handed out:

Car Show

      C5 – Ron & Lisa Lasswell

      C6 – Charles & Patricia Johnson

      C7 – Mike & Marina Pellouchoud

      Cindy Orrico Award for Best of Show – Charles & Patricia Johnson

Rolling Thunder

      1st Place – Mike & Marina Pellouchoud                    2nd Place – John Schembari & Nga Hope

Cornhole Game

      1st Place – Mike & Marina Pellouchoud                    2nd Place – Scott & Nancy Erickson

Gimmick Rallye

     1st Place – Doug & Sue McElory                                    2nd Place – Kimberly & David Bratt

Hidden Poker Hand

     1st Place -Ron & Lisa Lasswell                                      2nd Place – Doug & Sue McElory

Poker Rallye

     1st Place – Chuck August & Elizabeth McCoy           2nd Place – William & Ursula Van Tongeren

Furthest Distance – Paul & Judy Carlson

Club Participation – Pomona Valley Corvette Association

The July Drive and Dine was a run up the coast to Morro Bay to enjoy a brunch cruise of the bay.  Our ship was a two story unit that had a large enclosed area on the main deck and outdoor viewing from the upper deck.  Those that participated had a great time socializing while watching the scenery and enjoying the food.  We were fortunate that the fog burned back just after we set sail and stayed as a big wall just outside the bay.  After brunch, we trooped upstairs to see all the various boats and yachts moored along the shore and down the middle of the bay.  The cruise was just the right length and was enjoyed by all.

Members gathered for the annual 4th of July BBQ at Gail and Hector’s in Shel Beach.  The weather was just about perfect and the food and company were great.  Discussions on cars, movies and many other topics kept everyone entertained.  In addition, we watched the fog bank slowly creep back in as the sun moved down the sky.

Members Gale Haugen, Hector Paz, Gerry White, Brenda Parks and Charles Robertson along with friends of the club Harry & Paula Height participated in the 4th of July, 2019 parade in Solvang.  We decorated our cars in flags, banners and bunting for the occasion.  A highlight of the parade is tossing candy to the children along the parade route.  We also enjoy the great comments about our cars from the spectators.

On March 30, 2019, we joined members of the Central Coast Corvettes for a run down to the Ronald Regan Library.  Members toured the exhibits the library had on his life and  accomplishments and the special exhibit on Pompeii.  The library sits on a hill overlooking the Simi Valley and it was decked out in its best green.  We all enjoyed the change from the dead brown that has been the norm in recent years.  The exhibit covered his life from the early years and family, through his Hollywood days, being the governor of CA, Presidency and final years.  The tour through the retired Air Force One jet and Marine One helicopter he used was a personal highlight.

On March 17, 2019, members gathered for a run out to Shell Beach Road to see the flower blooms and enjoy the winding roads in the area.  Although the blooms hadn’t reached superbloom status, the viewing was great.  After seeing the blooms, a quick run to Creston for lunch at the Loading Chute.  The lunch was good as usual and the socialization was great.  Then another drive to Santa Margarita, where we enjoyed a sampling of the fine wines at Ancient Peaks Winery.

We started 2019 off right with a fun run through the local hills and ended up at Charlie’s in Los Alamos for lunch.

2018 Events

Everyone had a great time at the 2018 Christmas party.

In conjunction with the local VA Clinic’s celebration of Veterans Day, club members displayed their cars.  The veterans enjoyed looking and talking about the cars and the owners (many who are veterans also) also got a kick out of it.

On October 5 & 6, 2018, we held the 14th annual Blast.  This year’s activities were enjoyed by folks from across southern California and Monterey.

The August, 2018 fun run was to Pine Mountain, where members took in the car show.

The club participated in the 4th of July, 2018 parade in Solvang.

In June, the club drove down to Santa Barbara to see the Botanical Gardens

The April, 2018 fun run was to attend the Cobra Club’s BBQ in Paseo Robles.

In February, the fun run was to the Mullin Motor Museum in Ventura.

The first Fun Run of the year was through the hills south of Santa Maria, ending up in Los Alamos for food and conversation.

To start 2018 off right,  On January 1st,  gearhead club members joined the annual Garage run, visiting private and commercial garages around the central coast.


The club celebrated the season and another great year with a Christmas party.

To honor our Veterans, the club and SLO Vettes put on a car show at the Santa Maria Veterans Clinic