October 5 & 6 2018 Blast

The 14th annual Blast was held on 5 & 6 October, 2018 and it lived up to its reputation.  Attendees gathered at the Historic Santa Maria Inn and settled in for a great time.  The Hospitality Night on the 5th was all about socializing, drinking, eating and playing the car race.  Club members were selling raffle prize tickets that would allow folks to vie for the donated gift baskets of their choice.  Tickets for the 50/50 drawing were also available.  The food provided by and set out by Patty Santmyer, Roberta Haylock and Holly Palmer was delicious and plentiful.  Joan and Charlie Perry continued tradition by ensuring that everyone had enough of their favorite beverage.  Many there have attended multiple times, so it was fun catching up on events of the last year.  Gale Haugen and Hector Paz again ran the car race, allowing everyone to get a vicarious thrill watching the cars dash (or not) to the finish line.  Saturday started with everyone preparing their car for the show and going thru tech inspection.  Everyone judged the cars to determine the best of show.  Gifts were given out and the popular Rolling Thunder game was in full swing.  After lunch it was time for the driver’s meeting and the flagging of cars off on the
Gimmick and Poker Rally.  As last year, there were specific roadside signs or buildings that participants had to note the name or phrase exactly.  Also, special stops were set up by VTV members and cards were drawn for the poker hand.  One of the stops was the Funkanna at the Lompoc Airport, where driver and passenger had to work together to accomplish each stage while remaining (mostly) in the car.  Then the rest of the Rally was accomplished and back to the Santa Maria Inn for the final card for the Poker hand.  Everyone took a break in preparation for dinner.  The dinner was a fun event.  Again, folks had the opportunity to purchase tickets for the gift baskets and the 50/50 drawing.  The food was very good and some even had to request take-out bags.  After dinner the awarding of prizes began (list of winners will be added as soon as possible).  Special note:  The Cindy Orrico Award for Best in Show diorama was donated by Chuck August.  His outstanding works are displayed in many places including the National Corvette Museum. which has several.   After that, the drawing of tickets to see who won the gift baskets drew everyone’s attention as they (hopefully) got the basket of their dreams.  Lastly, the 50/50 drawing gave the lucky winner $180.