2018 NCCC West Coast Region Club of the Year

Men’s High Points:  Larry Wright

Ladies High Points:  Holly Palmer

Men’s Worker High Points:  Clay Beck & Gerry White (tie)

Ladies Worker High Points:  Gale Haugen

2017 NCCC West Coast Region Club of the Year

Men’s:  Doug Nicoll – 3rd, Larry Wright – 4th, Bee Jay – 8th, Hector Paz – 10th, Jeff Palmer – 12th, Clay Beck – 13th, Gerry White – 18th, Chuck Robertson – 19th

Ladies:  Holly Palmer – 4th; Gale Haugen – 9th.

2016 NCCC West Coast Region Worker of the year – Gale Haugen

Men’s: Doug Nicoll – 1st, Bee Jay – 4th, Larry Wright – 7th, Hector Paz – 8th, Jeff Palmer – 9th, Clay Beck – 10th, Rich Austin – 12th.

Ladies:  Holly Palmer – 3rd

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