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The Vapor Trail Vettes club puts on several autocrosses each year.  Check the Calendar of Events for information on the next one.

Entry is open to all makes and types of cars.  Everyone must have a Snell rated helmet (currrently 2005 and above), working brakes, seat belts and must complete a tech inspection before being allowed on the track.  When held at the Santa Maria Airport, spectators are not allowed due to TSA rules.  Friends who are willing to work at the safety stations are accepted.

Click HERE for a copy of the Tech Sheet.

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April 27th was our second autocross of the year.  54 drivers arrived to enjoy the day and test their skills.  The times (mostly) dropped during the day, especially in the afternoon when the sun finally made its way through the marine layer.  The club wants to extend a special thanks to Joe and Elisa Garcia of Joe’s Catering (see picture 1 in the gallery) who have catered our events for many years.  This was their last event before heading to Arizona.

The winners were:


Class 1SCD: (winners will be added as soon as the results are provided)


We also want to extend a hearty welcome and congratulations to Avianca and Gynneth Harper (see the last pictures in the gallery), who were trying out auto crossing for the first time in their Mazda 3.  They showed great willingness to learn and improvement throughout the day.  In recognition of their braving a full day, they were awarded a special “Most Improved” award.

March 23, 2019, a wet morning, was the first autocross of the year.   45 brave drivers showed up to participate.  The morning session saw a damp to wet track, but the course laid out by Clay Beck proved to be a winner.  It had fast sections as will as a mixture of hairpin turns and slaloms.  The rain and mist started going away by the end of the morning session and by the start of the afternoon, the track was dry and times came down quickly.  The club received a lot of positive feedback for the day and the layout, so Clay is sure to bring it back.  The winners were:


Class 1SCD: Bernard Jones (both sessions)

1SM: Cliff Harris (both sessions)

1SN: Charlie Perry (both sessions)

1M: Jeff Palmer (both sessions)

2H: Hector Paz (both sessions)

L1M: Holly Palmer (both sessions)

Open A Mens

Morning                                                                             Afternoon

1: Doug Seidewitz                                                          Pat Kelley

2: Tyler Combs                                                                 Marty U’Ren

3: Marty U’Ren                                                                Cory Holt

4: Gregg Pederson                                                         Tyler Combs


1: Carissa Teixeira                                                          Carissa Teixeria

Open B Mens

1: Mike Dirkes                                                                  Mike Dirkes

2: Charles Kruger                                                           John Ouellette

3: Kevin Howe                                                                  Charles Kruger

4: Alfredo De Leon                                                          Kevin Howe


1: Eryn Tsudama (both sessions)

2: Sonia Polk (both sessions)

On October 13, 2018 we held the last autocross of the year.  53 Drivers enjoyed the event, despite some timing issues and the large crowd.  Although we only got 9 runs in, everyone gave very favorable feedback.  We hope to see everyone back again next year.

On July 21, 2018 we held the 3rd autocross of the year.  37 Drivers enjoyed the event, (mostly) staying on the track and not hitting the cones.  There were a couple of epic spins, but nothing hurt except driver’s pride!  Pleasant weather helped make it a great event.

On June 9, 2018 we held the 2nd autocross of the year.  38 Drivers enjoyed the event, (mostly) staying on the track and not hitting the cones.  Everyone had a great time.

On May 12, 2018 we held the first autocross of the year.  Drivers feedback was that it was an enjoyable event.

On October  14th, we had the pleasure of hosting the last autocross of the year.

On September  9th, we hosted a trial autocross at a new venue – the Lompoc airport.  This was to see what kind of layout we could do in a different environment.  Those who came had good comments about the event.  For the first time, we were able to have spectators and they seemed to enjoy the event as well.

On August  5th, we had the pleasure of hosting another autocross.  The overcast kept everyone cool and enjoyable.

On June 10, we had the pleasure of hosting another autocross.  43 Drivers enjoyed the event, increasing their skill levels in (mostly) staying on the track and not hitting the cones.  Everyone had a great time.

Pictures from the April 1st, 2017 autocross.

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