August 2108 Fun Run

On August 11th, Clay led members Bill, Gerry, Brenda and Chuck out to Pine Mountain. The cruise on 166 was notable for encountering little traffic. Once we reached Hudson Ranch Road, we drove in a “spirited manner” into Pine Mountain. First thing on the agenda was to have lunch. We enjoyed the food at Madd Bailey’s restaurant. The car show was in full swing and we enjoyed looking at the wide variety of cars and motorcycles on display. We talked among ourselves and to the owners and other visitors. A funny thing- it seems that most people were drawn to the Corvettes on display. The cars ranged from the 1930’s up to moderns with kit cars, rat rods, hot rods, stock and modified along the way. After everyone had walked the show and re-looked at their favorites, it was time to go. Another spirited drive out to 166 and then cruise back to Santa Maria, time well spent.