The annual Christmas party was another hit.  The members assembled enjoyed great fun with a gift exchange that included many “steals” of other’s selections.  Special thanks to Patty Santmyer for arranging the catering and set-up and to Chuck Robertson for the use of his house.  Patty and Roberta Haylock did a fantastic job of decorating the tables.  The food was excellent and plentiful.  The variety of gifts was extreme, with some golden oldies showing up among the new and one in particular, a lamp made out of some old pump parts had all the gear heads trying to figure out what the parts were from.  It now seems to be a tradition to “steal” Gale Haugen’s bid for a chair she can use at the autocrosses.  Other items included car emergency kits, car cleaning kits (shades of Mike Williamson), pictures, shirts and gift baskets.  Everyone trooped up to Chuck’s balcony to watch the launch, and were very disappointed when it was scrubbed at the last second.  Back in the warm house, the yearly club and regional awards were presented.

  • NCCC Men’s High Points: Larry Wright

  • NCCC Ladies High Points: Holly Palmer

  • NCCC Men’s Worker High Points: Clay Beck & Gerry White

  • NCCC Ladies Worker High Points: Gale Haugen

  • Auto-X Involvement: Dave Shultz

  • Annual Event Involvement:  Patty Santmyer & Roberta Haylock

  • Special Appreciation: Clint Perry

  • Member of the Year: Larry Wright