2012 scholarship awards went to Jorge Lerena, Cora Poropat, and Kevin Strawder. Cora and Kevin were in attendance at the annual scholarship awards banquet with Chuck Jennings, VTV Vice President. This was Cora’s second year to receive the scholarship, and she says she will apply again next year.

The banquet was an impressive event with approximately 1500 people in attendance. Chuck was inspired by the overall sense of pride and appreciation. But most of all, he says he was very impressed with the expressions of appreciation and gratitude from Cora and Kevin. They were enthusiastic about their studies and their career directions. And they genuinely thanked VTV for our support.

Our participation and support with these scholarships is the best work we do.

Attached are three photographs of Cora, Kevin and their immediate families. Cora is accompanied by her brother and husband. Kevin is accompanied by his wife.